Raeda Saadeh, Vacuum, video installation (2007)

Julie Blackmon, Olive and Market St., 2012

woodcum, htew

woodcum, sls

Abbas, South Africa. Hamanskraal. 1978. Colonel S.J. MALAN, Director of the Police School for Black people, with trainees.

David Goldblatt, Luke Kgatitsoe at his house, bulldozed in February 1984 by the government after the forced removal of the people of Magopa, a black-owned farm, which had been declared ‘black spot’, Ventersdorp district, Transvaal, 21 October 1986. Silver gelatin print on fibre paper, 44.5 x 56 cm.

Seydou Keïta, Untitled, Bamako, 1959

A new TOKI housing development in the suburbs of Konya, Central Turkey, 2008. Turkey is undergoing a huge modernisation project to house the mass migration from the village to the city that is taking place throughout the whole country. “Fault Lines: Turkey/East/West” series, George Georgiou

Marina Abramović, Family III, Laos 2008, “The Quiet in the land” series, chromogenic print, 180 x 225 cm.

by ada hamza

Li Wei, 29层自由度. (29 levels of freedom), 2003.07.24. Beijing, 120x175cm.

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